Sound Skin

Sound Skin
Sound Skin

Sound Skin

  • 4 probiotic strains for healthy skin

  • 20 Billion CFU per capsule for better efficacy

  • Targeted release capsule for optimal absorption

  • Contains the prebiotic FOS

  • No refrigeration necessary

  • 60 day supply

  • Free Shipping in the US

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  • Clear skin starts on the inside. Gut health is instrumental in maintaining healthy skin. The beneficial effects of probiotics are strain dependent so Sound Skin from Sound Probiotics uses only clinically researched probiotics and prebiotics that help maintain clear, healthy skin

  • Two month supply: research has shown that the best results come after taking these probiotics for at least 4 weeks.

  • A better formula with the Prebiotic FOS: prebiotics help probiotics function better and have their own beneficial effects in the gut. FOS has been shown to promote clear, healthy skin ensuring Sound Skin is the best formula to support a healthy appearance.

  • Shelf stable probiotics: No refrigeration needed – take Sound Skin on the go! Sound Probiotics is formulated with the highest quality standards in an NSF & cGMP certified facility in the USA. All our products are tested for purity and viability.