Sound Sport
  • 8 probiotic strains studied specifically in athletes

  • 25 Billion CFU per capsule for better efficacy

  • Targeted release capsule for optimal absorption

  • Contains the prebiotic Beta-Glucan

  • No refrigeration necessary

  • 30 day supply

  • Free Shipping in the US

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Winning takes guts.

What athletes are saying about Sound Probiotics

As a chef, an active athlete and someone who has overcome an autoimmune disease through diet, supplements and lifestyle, probiotics are an important tool in my wellness toolbox and Sound Probiotics have become a part of my daily regimen and have done an amazing job of keeping me healthy and active, despite flu season, travel and the everyday stress of a busy life.
— Seamus Mullen, Chef, Author of Hero Food, La Ruta finisher
[A]fter a short adjustment period…, my gut is starting to feel happier. I’ve dodged the flu and strep that’s been going around, so perhaps the probiotics have helped! …So what does this mean for us as athletes? Taking probiotics not only could help us stay healthier, but could also keep us calmer during those really tough workouts or help us persevere during the last painful miles of a 140.6. I don’t know about you, but doesn’t taking probiotics seem like a no brainer?!
— Erin Klegstad, Ironman Athlete,
You will get in better training. I have been taking [Sound Probiotics] every day, and I have not got sick. I feel great.
— Brett Blankner, Ultra-endurance athlete, USAT Certified Triathlon Coach
I was just thinking about how I think they really worked. Usually I always get a cold during the taper and most definitely when I travel (all those germs!) but I didn’t this time! Not that I think I’ll never get a cold but I do think the probiotics must have really boosted my immunity.
— Jessie Benson, 17-time marathon finisher,