Ben Hoffman, Triathlete

 4 Ironman Victories
Collegiate National Champion
Ironman World Championships 2014 I 2nd place
Multiple 70.3 Champion

Website: Ben Hoffman Racing
Twitter: @bhoffmanracing

Last year’s race went perfectly, and I’m hoping Sound can give me that edge during the long, grueling season to stay on top of my game and get back to Kona ready to take another step up. For endurance athletes competing at the highest level, staying healthy and recovering well each day are paramount to success. I have found that by incorporating probiotics into my diet, my immune health is boosted, and I can bounce back more quickly between hard sessions, and after races.
— Ben Hoffman, Ironman Champion

Known for his deeply disciplined training, especially considering his relatively young age of 31, Ben “Hoff” Hoffman’s journey through the triathlon ranks has shown steady success, highlighted by major Ironman victories at illustrious races like Coeur D’Alene, Wisconsin, St. George and Lake Placid over the past five year, along with numerous Ironman 70.3 victories, and a Collegiate National Championship title. The humble, soft-spoken native Coloradan and now Boulder-based phenom is now widely considered America’s top-rated long course racer, especially after his stunning performance at Kona last year where he fought back to take 2nd place finish at the hallowed event: the first American male in five years to podium there. His 2015 schedule included long course races at Texas and St George, as well as Alcatraz and Boulder 70.3. He’ll also toe the line at TKTK…. En route to his ultimate goal, the top of the 2015 Kona podium!